The Best Laid Plans

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 in Writing Life | 0 comments

Hello, my friends

SO, things are not going quite as intended. Having reduced my working hours outside the home to concentrate more on my writing career, fate (insert whatever you choose to call it) had a different idea.

My first week started off okay. Monday I did half a day at my other job and got stuck in to some editing when I got home.

Tuesday I jumped out of bed ready to face my first full day of writer work, and promptly pulled a muscle in my back. The last three days have been a round robin of pain and drugs to deal with said pain. Having had three children and various operations I am no stranger to pain. If you’ve never experienced it, and I certainly hope you never do, back pain is on a totally different level. Functioning at all becomes a bonus.

2 Osteo appointments later, I am feeling more optimistic about everything. I get that the writing will still be there next week, but isn’t it frustrating when life just doesn’t play the game your way?

I did have a visit from my 3 podcasting buddies today, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Plus, my husband is my hero, and showed me once again how much he will put up with in the name of love. (After 40 years, he’s earned his stripes, well and truly)

With a trip planned to the beach next weekend (we are surrounded by them) I hope to be more mobile!

Until next time, keep well and be careful when you wake up tomorrow.


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