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Making a list

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Hi there

The title of this post may be a bit misleading, since the list I’m referring to is none other than USA Today Bestseller list!

It’s such an accolade and wouldn’t have been possible without you all supporting me.

It’s amazing, exciting and every other superlative you can think of.

Thank you!

Billionaire Extravaganza!

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Welcome back

As you may know, I went to Orlando for a conference in July and returned home early August. We went via Houston, and admired the landscape from the air. I’m so sorry for the loss and devastation to those affected, and know this flows over to the families and friends who have been there for you. Good wishes are sent from New Zealand and I’m sure around the world.

Whilst I don’t mean to make light of the situation, there is some news I’d like to share with you. I’ve been very busy since my return and wanted to let you know about my 2 boxed sets that are out now. Both are doing very well and show on my ‘new release’, and ‘out now’ pages if you want to read about my contributions, Ruthless Billionaire and Restless Billionaire.

Billionaire Ever After hit #1 in New Releases and continues to climb. Fingers crossed we make a list. Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy.

If you’d like to help an author (in this case, 22) then please pick up your copy for 99cents here:




Google Play:


Please note that after release week the set will only be available on Amazon.

My third book in the Billionaire Knights series, The Reluctant Billionaire, follows on from the two in these sets and will be out in a few days.

That’s it for now, so keep well and keep safe.





Orlando – Here I come

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It’s 5am on a horrible morning – weather wise.

Today I fly out to Romance Writers of America Conference in Orlando. While that is uber exciting, it’s also terrifying as I HATE to fly. Of course I didn’t get to my age without flying, but it’s never gotten easier. Apart from the drugs. They’ve helped. Majorly.

Just for the record, I do not advocate drugs for every issue, but in deference to others around me, this really is the only option. I am not pleasant to be around in a high degree of anxiety, where everything is magnified out of all proportion. Ask my wonderful, long-suffering husband.

I think I have mentioned this before, since we went to Europe last year, but like I said – it’s 5am.

Bearing in mind I’ll be gone for 2 weeks, I thought I’d better post my latest promo opportunity where you can pick up a swag of books from different authors and genres. You’ll probably have mine, but that’s all good. These should tide you over until the release next month of Restless Billionaire and Ruthless Billionaire in September.

I best finish my packing, so enjoy the selection and until next time, keep well.


A change for the better

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Hello friends

Well, I’ve finally done it. I am now a full time author, which one would think meant I had a lot more time. The answer is no.

I believe I’ve done more in the last couple of weeks than I managed in the months since Christmas.

With 2 boxed sets I’m contributing to and a small town series as well as trying to wrangle the marketing side of the business, I’m slowly getting into a routine. Deadlines are a curse and a saving grace, and I love it.

Yes, despite the hard work, I really do. I also love to give you great deals as they happen and if you don’t get my newsletters (why not?) here is one that I’m so excited about.

The first boxed set is called Billionaires ever after and with 22 authors penning some great stories – from sweet to ‘oh my!’ – It’s a steal at 99 cents.

My story is called Ruthless Billionaire. Read about Jenna Molloy and Benjamin Knight as they find the good in a bad situation.

Please note that this is a pre-order as the set comes out in September, and you can’t buy these books separately.

Here are the links:

iTunes: Amazon:

B&N: Google Play:




Bonus Short Story for Prossers Bay Series

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Hello, dear reader

I had to do it!

Doc Morris, was demanding I tell his side of the story, so I’ve published Doc’s Town as a short story and you can pick it up on all platforms. It’s a prequel to the rest of the series, and you can now buy Prossers Bay books 1-3 in a boxed set. Finding Liam, Seducing Megan and Saving Stephanie.

Whether you’re a new, old, or returning resident, of Prossers Bay, one thing is certain; things will never be the same again.

Once you step foot into this tight knit community, of sand, sea, and hope, your past becomes irrelevant.

Your future in this town, depends on your willingness to accept that love is in the air, and that strangers will care about you. 

I’ll be in touch soon.


The new look for my Family Ties Series

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Hi there

The weeks are flying by and my next book is shaping up, but I’ve also been busy making some changes. You are the first to see my new covers for my Family Ties Series, which is all about Millionaires. Later this year I hope to have some new stories to add to the series, which are about other characters (due to popular demand, ;-)) from the original stories.

So, here are my covers from my wonderful friend Shar. I love them, and hope you will too.


The Best Laid Plans

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Hello, my friends

SO, things are not going quite as intended. Having reduced my working hours outside the home to concentrate more on my writing career, fate (insert whatever you choose to call it) had a different idea.

My first week started off okay. Monday I did half a day at my other job and got stuck in to some editing when I got home.

Tuesday I jumped out of bed ready to face my first full day of writer work, and promptly pulled a muscle in my back. The last three days have been a round robin of pain and drugs to deal with said pain. Having had three children and various operations I am no stranger to pain. If you’ve never experienced it, and I certainly hope you never do, back pain is on a totally different level. Functioning at all becomes a bonus.

2 Osteo appointments later, I am feeling more optimistic about everything. I get that the writing will still be there next week, but isn’t it frustrating when life just doesn’t play the game your way?

I did have a visit from my 3 podcasting buddies today, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Plus, my husband is my hero, and showed me once again how much he will put up with in the name of love. (After 40 years, he’s earned his stripes, well and truly)

With a trip planned to the beach next weekend (we are surrounded by them) I hope to be more mobile!

Until next time, keep well and be careful when you wake up tomorrow.


Great deal on 75+ Free and 99cent books

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Hello avid readers

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and have enjoyed the break. Here in New Zealand our weather is being temperamental but still warm and, to be fair, any holiday is a good holiday.

I’m still doing family things, but thought I’d stop by with a promotion you won’t want to miss. Teaming up with some amazing authors we bring you a great after Christmas gift, only available from 27 to 30 December.

E-reader a little skinny after the holidays? Stuff it with 75+ Free and $0.99 romances from best-selling Australian and New Zealand authors. From sexy or sweet contemporaries to romantic comedy, historical, paranormal, romantic suspense, erotica, women’s fiction and Urban fantasy/Sci-fi/fantasy – we’ve got you covered.

Go here before the sale ends:

Enjoy, and keep well.


Here’s to a great New Year

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Hi there

Happy New Year, and how was your Christmas?

Hopefully it was a relaxing time, but if you’re a woman you probably hardly stopped to draw breath. There’s so much to do – presents, food, visitors, packing, and you still have all the day to day stuff like cooking, cleaning and washing. No matter the intention, this is a trap we (most of us) fall into.

I think that since I’m so organized, and yes, bossy, I get things done. Well, I’m going to work hard on that this year. To not being so available, or trying to sort people out. They don’t ask for it (not always) so maybe they can do ‘it’ on their own. I’m going to delegate and already had  a taste of that for a family holiday this weekend.

We shall see, but either way I will be guarding my time a bit more jealously. We all need to calm down and enjoy this ride that we’re on, to not be concentrating on a point further into our lives, otherwise we miss the fun and the moment. What we should give a big miss is the anxiety and the time pressures. That’s got to be a good thing.

I love how my life is looking and I’m going to enjoy it! I hope you do to.

Talk soon. Keep well.


Christmas – What it means to me.

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I love Christmas, yet it can make me a little sad.

There’s so much to be thankful for.

A husband who’s amazing and is still here after 40 years of marriage. (the man deserves a medal) Grown up children who are also married to wonderful people, and make us proud. The seven grandchildren they’ve given us – who make me laugh, and give so much joy. Good friends who may not be an everyday part of our lives, which have naturally changed over the years, but continue to hold a vital place in our hearts and minds.

These are wonderful blessings, which I would never trade, but I still miss my mum. My dad too, but mum was the glue that kept us all together, and she was my best friend. When I get a bit blue, I can see her and hear her voice, and I still ache to feel her arms around me after several years.

Then I remember how she was so kind, and rarely angry or sad, and I think how silly I am. After all she is with me every day if I look hard enough. I can see her in my brothers and sisters, and myself. I know she’s there in my ideals and character, and I feel her in my heart.

Merry Christmas to all the mums and dads who’ve gone, but are never forgotten. xxccf03082011_00004