Sycamore Springs Series

Jack & Gill


An uphill quest for love.

Nearly thirty, over-endowed with curves, and under-endowed with boyfriends, Gillian Shaw’s life is not going to plan. Still hopelessly in love with her childhood friend and neighbor Jack Larson—who only sees her as his best pal—she clearly needs to make some changes. Realizing she’s never going to get her happily ever after with the man she loves, Gill decides to date a nice bank manager in her first step toward a new life. She’s going to put her feelings for Jack behind her no matter how much it hurts.

Jack loves Gill. He always has. She’s been his side-kick since school. Suffering with him through his failed marriage and has been a second mom to his six-year-old daughter. Seeing her in a relationship that gets serious way too fast is causing him sleepless nights. He’s worried that she’s rushing into things and worried that he’ll lose her friendship. But most of all, he’s worried that all this time he’s been a complete idiot, and the way he loves her might not be the way he’d thought.

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Adam & Eve


Home stopped being a garden of Eden a long time ago.

Eve Conroy is heading home, tail between her legs and her big fat divorce pending. She’ll be starting from scratch, her self-confidence is zilch and she hates the idea of returning a failure. Let alone worrying about how she’s going to support two kids by herself. What she needs right now is the unconditional love of her family – not an unwanted attraction to a man several years her junior.

Adam Norton has no ambitions to embark on any new relationships: the last two were complete disasters. Meeting Eve again – the sister-in-law of the woman he jilted at the altar and completely out of bounds – and realizing there might be something between them, makes him think cupid might be having fun at his expense.

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