Family Ties: The Millionaire Series

The Millionaire Next Door

A woman afraid to trust.

Sacha Prentiss is not interested in men and family are not on her list of priorities. Both seem too damn hard after she catches her now ex-husband in bed with her younger sister and besides, running your own company takes a lot of time.

Meeting up with the sexy guy next door, and unable to forget him, disrupts her workaholic life, so when he tries to reunite her with her sister, Sacha has one more reason to push him away.

A man who doubts he has enough love to share.

Lucas Marshall is captivated by the gorgeous Sacha – but there’s a problem. He loves his sister more than anything and can’t understand Sacha’s reluctance to give hers a second chance. He loves everything else about her, but family is a deal breaker as far as he’s concerned.
The feisty relationship looks doomed from the start with a woman who’s scared to love again, and a man who has never loved anyone other than his family. But sometimes passion wins when you least expect it – with a bit of compromise, a heavy dose of trust and a love that is forgiving.



The Millionaire’s Proposal


A teacher. Jobless, homeless and humiliated.

In and out of foster homes, fiercely independent, Georgia Wilson came to rely on herself for all her needs. When she eventually becomes romantically involved, it’s with a man who treats her badly and cheats on her. That’s over, thank goodness, but how does she get back her self-respect? And what will she do for a job when her good name is sullied by her nasty ex?
When friends tell her about a job in the country she’s wary but realising she has no choice, she takes it. Dane Turner is infuriatingly ignorant of his daughter’s needs. He’s also handsome and not without charm. So charming, that they are soon embarking on an amazing sexual relationship.
Was good sex enough? The old Georgia would say yes. Then again, the old Georgia knew nothing about love.

A father, an author and a loner.

Dane Turner, famous thriller author, uses his career as an excuse not to be around people. This becomes a bone of contention when he’s forced to take his sixteen year-old out of boarding school and hire a tutor.
Georgia is too good looking by half. She haunts his dreams, befriends his daughter, and challenges him at every turn. He wants her, and he knows she wants him.
His daughter has to come first, but if he has a chance to be with Georgia, without a commitment, and no-one gets hurt, then what’s the harm?
Without him being aware of it, Georgia gradually melts his cold heart, and then steals it. He didn’t want these feelings, didn’t ask for them, but he realise that he’s never been so happy – and he’s not going to let her get away.



The Millionaire’s Seduction


Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Danvers understands what heartaches life can throw at a person and has worked hard to not have any more. Taking a job working for impossibly hot millionaire Jake Bridges tests that. Charlie realizes too late that he feels the sparks that fly between them, and wants to act on them. She also knows it would only ever be fun for him, but for her it would be so much more.

Up until now, Jake Bridges has lived life by his own strict rules.  Focus, control, and trusting no-one but himself, have kept him safe since childhood.  Sure, those rules keep people at a distance, but that doesn’t bother Jake. He’s not a candidate for any relationship, business or pleasure, that isn’t efficient and short. Until he meets Charlie, his head strong, sexy-as-hell, dog walker. With Charlie, for the first time in his life, Jake’s willing to take a risk on everything.  But convincing Charlie of that is going to be the biggest challenge of their lives.