Prossers Bay Series

Prossers Bay Boxed Set – Books 1-3

T he first three books in the series are now boxed together: Finding Liam, Seducing Megan and Saving Stephanie.

Whether you’re a new, old, or returning resident, of Prossers Bay, one thing is certain; things will never be the same again.

Once you step foot into this tight knit community, of sand, sea, and hope, your past becomes irrelevant.

Your future in this town, depends on your willingness to accept that love is in the air, and that strangers will care about you. It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?

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Finding Liam

Driven apart by tragedy

Max has been in love with Abby forever and marrying his childhood sweetheart was a dream come true.  But a series of devastating life events have driven a wedge between them and their marriage has gone from passionate togetherness, to leading separate lives.

Rekindling their romance

Abby fears she can never be the wife that Max deserves, but when a Christmas miracle happens, she’s offered the chance at creating the family she’s always wanted.  Is it too late for their marriage, or will these two wounded souls have a second chance at happily ever after?

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Seducing Megan

Left pregnant and alone

After a life of drama and heartache, Megan has fought hard for independence and peace.  With her gorgeous five-year-old twin daughters to support alone, she has no time for games – especially playing those of millionaire Jordan Lambert.

Unlucky in love

Jordan’s a man who’s used to getting his own way, either by money or sex appeal. So when the fiercely independent Megan Adams remains immune to his job offer, financial assistance and charm, he’s intrigued.  Soon Jordan’s plan to seduce Megan shows him what’s really important in life – Megan’s love and becoming a family.  But can he convince Megan to put the past aside and take the risk on a future with him?

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Saving Stephanie

The prodigal son has returned to Prossers Bay to care for his father, and Doctor Jamie Morris has no intention of staying longer than necessary. The gossip surrounding his alcoholic mother, which hounded his childhood, has seen to that. But seeing Stephanie again plays havoc with his heart and his mind. She was always the only woman for him and nothing seems to have changed on that score. He wants her still, but he also wants the future she wanted no part of. He well knows he can’t have both.

Stephanie Green believes she finally has the chance to realise her dream of opening her own café until the bank reneges on a loan and Jamie offers to help her. Taking money from her ex-lover isn’t an option. But there is no other and, like everything he does, Jamie makes the offer too tempting to refuse. She remembers why she loved him, and still does. But that doesn’t mean they can be friends, let alone anything else.

Just as Stephanie makes her decision, Jamie changes the plan once more. Only this time he’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s putting his heart and career on the line. If she’s brave enough to take the required leap of faith, they just might have it all.

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Emily’s Wish

Sometimes your wish does comes true. Sometimes more than one.

An author with a great imagination, Emily Richards has the ability to write great stories about love. Even if she’s never experienced it.  She’s looking for her birth mother in a small town where everyone wants to know her business. Joining the fray, is a surfer who’s far too enticing. With her wish about to come true, Mason unlocks to door to things she never imagined, and challenges everything she knows about herself.

Mason Anderson has friends and a job he’s passionate about. That was all he thought he needed. Until feisty Emily turns up in his town. As a therapist, Mason knows it’s out of his realm to try to ‘fix’ someone, but even with a chip on her shoulder Emily’s hot look and awkward social skills melt his resistance faster than he can rebuild it.

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